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Below are the questions that are asked most often, but because every case is unique, feel free to call us or submit questions below and we will make sure we get them all answered promptly.  Your business is important to us.

What is your fee structure?

Our fees are structured with a retainer paid to initiate the search and the remainder of the fee being paid in installments that are due upon reaching agreed upon milestones throughout the project.

Are your fees negotiable?

We seek to establish a long-term partnership with our clients so we are happy to engage in a discussion surrounding our compensation as long as we are assured of compensation for our work.  We will consider a number of options, including reducing our fee, for an agreed upon exclusive right to hire.

What do you need to start a search?

We work with your executive team to establish a consensus on the hiring criteria and profile of the ideal candidate.  Upon engagement, we will need a job description, salary range and any other relevant information that may not be in the job description.  A call or face-to-face meeting will be scheduled with the hiring executive/team to gain an understanding of your unique corporate culture in order to assure the candidates submitted not only have the required skills and qualifications, but  the ability to work effectively with peers, supervisors and subordinates.

Where do you find candidates?

We are experts in locating candidates and our focus is to find the best ones.  Frequently these are passive candidates who are currently employed and not looking for new positions.  We are able to source top notch candidates through our deep professional and personal contacts along with our extensive database and social networks.

Do you use paid job boards?

Typically no.  If necessary, we have access to those job boards, however experience has taught us that paid job boards rarely provide qualified candidates and does not provide the confidentiality that many clients seek.

How long will the search process take?

We meet with our clients to collaboratively establish a timeline that meets with their corporate goals and objectives.

What type of background screening do you provide?

We begin the process of background screening when a candidate has been identified as a finalist in the process.  We conduct professional reference checks with former supervisors and peers.  If you wish to have credit, criminal or additional background screening, we can provide you with recommended resources.

What happens if you don't find a candidate? Do I get my money back?

We continue the search until we find a candidate; however, we have not encountered a search where we have not provided a candidate.  Because we take a consultative approach with our clients prior to accepting a search, we establish ahead of time that there is a field of candidates that would meet our client’s requirements. As such, we do not provide refunds.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We provide a 90-180 day guarantee based on the level of the position.

Do you provide names/contacts of potential candidates without initiating an official search for a small fee?

As our database is a proprietary asset, we are very careful to protect both the database and our potential candidates for confidentiality purposes. We would never submit names or contact information of proposed candidates without speaking to them first to ensure the proper fit.

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