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DSA Fall Conference 2017

See You at the Reception Tonight Debbie Squier, IMPACT This Day, President I will be at the DSA Fall Conference this week, Nov. 6-8, 2017. We plan on attending the different sessions, so we will not have a booth.  Be sure to look for us and say hello. If you need to schedule some time…

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IMPACT This Day Selected as Finalist for the Direct Selling Association Partnership Award

We Are Honored to be Nominated. We proud and honored to be one of the selected finalist for the Direct Selling Association’s 2016 Partnership Award. As per the Press Release –  The Direct Selling Association annually nominates select companies for their DSA Partnership Award. The award is given to recognize a DSA Supplier that…

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Reference Checks – One of the Most Important Steps in the Hiring Process You have interviewed a number of candidates and have finally narrowed it down to the one you want to hire.  In a haste to hire, you skip the reference check…big mistake. The reference check can often be overlooked.  Although this may seem…

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Why Use An Executive Search Firms? Finding the right candidates for executive level positions is an important part of the employment process for many companies.   Filling a position with the wrong person can be an extremely costly decision. From the costs of training and re-training, to credibility with your field sales force, the dollars lost…

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Did You Complete Your New Year’s Goals? As the end of the year rolls around again many people are feeling harassed by those annoying pokes and prods. “So, did you complete your new year’s resolution? Huh? Did ya? Did ya?” A part of you wants to scowl at them and tell them to go away…

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Follow up…an important but often overlooked part of interviewing. Following up can be what makes you stick out above the rest. Companies receive several employment applications each day. As an executive search firm, we receive several resumes and interview hundreds of people. I can tell you that the candidates who I remember most, are those…

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Many of you may have heard of the adage: Feed Your Tigers, Ride Your Horses, Shoot Your Dogs. The prescribed wisdom in this statement deals with the assumption that every organization has these characters in their ranks and that each of them needs to be treated differently. Tigers; or the stars of your organization need…

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